Jason W Schwartz, is a licensed Realtor™ whose license is "on ice"... Jason  assisted both sellers and buyers in residential real estate in Hawaii, formerly California, since 1980, and was using the trade style Team Aloha Real Estate, agent with brokerage Virtual Realty Maui Group, Previously with Keller Williams 

He worked personally with every client and works hard to build lasting relationships with every client.  He is one of the most trusted names in Maui Real Estate.

We list your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

We market your property through a multi-media campaign, including print, video, and internet

Instead of Usual 6 % of Purchase Price                (3 each to both Seller & Buyer's Brokerage)                                 BUT:
1⁄2 % Less       If you sign an Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement of 1 year or longer, we subtract 1⁄2 %
1⁄2 % Less        If you do the showings of the house to realtors and potential buyers, we subtract 1⁄2 % 

                                (of course, Jason can show the house as he chooses or needs to, if you choose)
ONE (1) % Less If you find Jason the Buyers of your home. and he acts as their agent, he will reduce your

                                   fee 1⁄2 % PLUS we will  reduce the Buyer representation fee another 1/2 %      

                                   - that's ONE (1) %, savings for YOU, the SELLER.
                                UP to

That represents, by example, $ 5,000 for each 1/2%, or $ 20,000/$1,000,000 Purchase Price !
1⁄2 % Less           If you sign an Exclusive Buyer's Agreement with Jason for one (1) year or more,
                                 we will ASK for 1⁄2 % LESS as our Buyer's Brokerage Fees of ANY Seller
    1⁄2 % Less          If you find the house you want to make an offer on and Jason submits your Purchase

                                  Contract and Counter Offers, if any, to any Sellers, we will subtract another 1⁄2 %.

                                         - THAT'S 1 % SAVINGS TO THE SELLER

                                (If the SELLER/LISTING you want to buy is OUR listing, we will reduce our fee by  

                                  ANOTHER 1/2 % -  THAT'S 1-1/2 % SAVINGS TO THE SELLER

BUYERS: Lowered fees means a more willing seller because WE contribute to the seller. We are lowering their costs, helping them NET MORE MONEY from your offer and transaction. If ever there were a bidding war on a transaction, your offer stands taller! 

That's Aloha you can Take to the Bank!

You Get the Best ... For Less !

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